Custom Joomla/WordPress Services

Have a website already developed that you want converted to Joomla or WordPress? Want a Joomla or WordPress website developed so that you can manage the content and the design without having to rely on an outside source?  Want a website that’s friendly and easy to use?


My custom designed templates are programmed using latest trends and solutions. I put much effort to make the details, usability and unique look on highest possible level. I develop custom and unique designs to meet your requirements. I also work to deliver an individual code for joomla/wordpress templates that meets the standards of modern Search Engine Optimization.

As the part of the conversions I offer:

  • Preparation of professional custom template
  • Installations on your server (I recommend GoDaddy!)
  • Implementation of provided content
  • Other developing works (installations, extensions, etc.)

For pricing information, please visit my Project Cost Estimator.