words with frienemies (is that spelled right?)

Wise men say, only fools rush in.  Which is why I write these short little novels that aren’t quite novels and aren’t quite short stories.  They are stuck in Novella Land like some insane purgatory and I am powerless to pull them out. 

My current genre-neutered manuscript is hovering around 26,000 words.  Do I have 14,000 more words in me?  Of course I do.  The damn thing isn’t even finished yet.  Do I want to edit 40,000 words.  HELL TO THE NO! Why am I worrying about editing when I haven’t even finished writing?  Because I am a worrier.  No, not a warrior, a WORRIER.  I worry and then I obsess that I’m worrying too much so I take time off from writing and then I worry that my characters will never speak to me again so I start writing again only to end up editing out 5,000 words that I can’t believe I wrote in the first place.  And now i’m worrying that i’m worrying too much.

Are my peeps out there?  Did I just say peeps? 

OK, I feel better.  Back to laundry and life.  Have a great weekend :)

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One comment on “words with frienemies (is that spelled right?)
  1. BFF says:

    Yes, there are lots of peeps out there!! This time of year you can find them at any drug store!

    I say write, write and write some more. You might come upon some really interesting twist or turn that could take you all the way home. If not, cleaning up can be fun too.

    Help is on the way!

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