What Do You Wish For? by Jennifer M. Eaton

What do you Wish For?

When you make a wish, is it for yourself? Is it for someone you love?

When you wish, what do you wish for?

Wishes come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have something in common. A dream.

Now, some people’s dreams are bigger than others. Some are kind. Some are cruel. But sometimes, you don’t even know what you’ve wished for.

Those are the best kind.

In my book Paper Wishes, everyone’s wishes come true. So be careful what you wish for!

But how is that even possible? Well, wishes are funny things. Unless you are very careful about what you write down, a wish can be twisted to make someone else’s wish come true. And their real wish might not even be what they THOUGHT they wished for at all!

Yeah, wishes are complicated things.

Be careful out there. The funny thing about wishes, is that they always wiggle around and find a way to come true, even if you don’t even know what you’ve wished for.

What’s your wish?

Who do you wish for? Do you think of yourself, or others?

If you could make one wish, what would it be?


Jennifer M. Eaton’s new book PAPER WISHES is currently available from Astraea press. Sit back and read a while–and dream about your own wishes coming true.

Paper Wishes: Jill has no idea what to write down for her wish, but when it looks like her best friend Jack is going to get exactly what he asks for, Jill makes a wish that will change both of their lives forever.


Jennifer M. Eaton is a contemporary blender of Science Fiction, Dystopian, and Romance. Her work ranges from the sweet contemporary romances of Paper Wishes, to the dystopian society of Last Winter Red and Optimal Red, with a dusting of young adult paranormal just for fun in The First Day of the New Tomorrow.

While not off visiting other worlds, Jennifer calls the East Coast of the USA home, where she lives with her wonderfully supportive husband, three energetic boys, and a pepped up poodle.
Full time team leader, full time mom, and full time novelist… what more can you ask for? Writing help did you say? Well, sure! Jennifer hosts an informational blog aimed at helping all writers be the best they can be. Stop on by and chat. She loves to hear from fans! http://www.jennifermeaton.com/ 


Her contemporary sweet romance, Paper Wishes is currently available in ebook format. The Dystopian novelette “Last Winter Red” is available as part of the “Make Believe” Anthology. Each title is available from Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com and Smashwords.

Paper Wishes: Jill has no idea what she wants for Christmas, but when it looks like her best friend Jack is going to get exactly what he asks for, Jill makes a Christmas wish that will change both of their lives forever.

Last Winter Red: In search of a husband, Emily leaves the safety of the city and risks her life stepping into the outside world. What she finds there will question the foundations of everything she believes in. Available as part of the Make Believe anthology.

The First Day of the New Tomorrow: Maya dreams of having everything she wants, but when she gets it, she can’t give it back fast enough. (Coming in September, 2013 from Muse It Up)

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  1. Thanks so much for having me Keri! I appreciate it!

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