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it all started with a plan

Flightless was intended to be a trilogy from the moment I poofed Pen into existence. My plan was to release the entire trilogy within a year. My books are short, and there’s nothing more frustrating to a reader than having

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Hopeless Cover Reveal

I am so excited to be FINALLY sharing with you the cover for Hopeless, and to be announcing my Goodreads Giveaway: The cover The synopsis On her seventeenth birthday, Jade is filled with hope for the future. She and her

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Hopeless synopsis

I’m finalizing the cover, so I don’t have that to share with you today. But I couldn’t wait another MINUTE to share the synopsis for Hopeless. This book was an emotional roller coaster for me, but the end result is

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Grown Up Fangirl: Author Spotlight – Keri Neal

I am on Grown Up Fangirl’s blog today! Dont forget there is still time to enter her giveaway.

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Mega Book Giveaway!

Grown up Fangirl is having an awesome giveaway. Jennifer Parr, Dawn Jayne and myself are all participating. For me, the grand prize winner will receive a signed book, pdf or Kindle book, pin, keychain, signed bookmark. Just follow the Rafflecopter link and

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Flightless is Free Today for Kindle

My baby is a month old! I can’t remember what one month olds can do, it’s amazing how quick you forget that stuff. I’m pretty sure they can’t do much, but I’m making an exception since Flightless is a paranormal

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Alternate Intro

I found something earlier this week after organizing some files. These four pages are how Flightless originally began. I scrapped it from the final draft because the voice was all wrong. But I felt after reading it again that you

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excerpt from Flightless

You’ve asked for it, and now i’m delivering. Here is an excerpt from Flightless: Pen and I are lounging under a big white umbrella. I am curled up with my head on his chest. His heartbeat is steady and slow, his

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Jade and the Giveaway

I was going to hold on to this until next week, but it came out so lovely I had to share! While I have you here, I’m having a giveaway over at Goodreads. If you haven’t already, tootle on over

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Pen & Book Tour

Don’t you just love him? BFF and I agonized over him. Literally. We had conversations like “He’s not exactly the Pen I see in my head, but he’s adorable.” And the more I look at him, the more he becomes

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