research and the joy of taking control

I love research.  Not studying…research:

re·search [ri-surch, ree-surch]
1. diligent and systematic inquiry or investigation into a subject in order to discover or revise facts, theories, applications, etc.: recent research in medicine.
2. a particular instance or piece of research.
verb (used without object)
3. to make researches; investigate carefully.
verb (used with object)
4. to make an extensive investigation into: to research a matter thoroughly.

I tend to overthink everything to ease my own anxiety about the task ahead.  Put that in your psych textbook and smoke it!  The task in this case is my upcoming YA which I have yet to start writing.  I don’t know why I’m anxious about it.  I don’t know why I even have to write it.  I just am and I just do.  And how do I deal with it all?  I read similar books, I read author blogs, I listen to loud music that pisses Eileen off enough to talk to me.  And most recently, I go to the range.

I am not going to say I am an expert shooter now, nor will I proclaim that shooting a gun has changed my life.  But ever since my outing with A Girl and a Gun last week, Eileen has been a little more receptive to my nagging.  The tables have turned my friends, and I finally have the upper hand.  What’s that Girl?  You want to go make the pretty guns go bang again?  Do ya?  Huh?  Well Eileen, then you’re going to have to make the words that fill the pages that build the book that someone will publish.  Until then, I will read and relax and get a full night’s rest and do all the things that make you crazy.  K? 

So thank you to A Girl and a Gun for getting me out of my comfort zone and giving me an outlet. 

Find your outlet.  That’s my seasoned advice for the day.  Find what brings you out of your shell (no pun intended) and makes you better at whatever makes you happy and just go with it.

PS: After reading Fifty Shades of Grey, I referred to Eileen as my inner goddess.  That’s not entirely accurate.  Eileen is more like Dexter’s dark passenger.  Look it up :)

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One comment on “research and the joy of taking control
  1. BFF says:

    You must be from Texas, you are in a gun club…

    You have so much of this book in your head already, just sit down and let it flow. Please, please let the yummy red head out. We need him :)

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