her name is Eileen

I am on week ONE of my new schedule and so far so good. My muse and I are getting along as good as can be expected. She even told me her name: Eileen. Now that she has a name I can curse her out and she knows I’m talking to her. In turn, she talks back when I need her too and everything is right with the world. So there you go, the crazy people finally have a name. I’m sure one day a shrink will have a field day with me.

Because I only give myself an hour a day to write, I can’t come up with excuses about what else I should be doing. Everything else can wait. It also gives me less time to procrastinate. Because why put off what you only have an hour to do? I’ve learned that food can wait. If I’m hungry, then I’d better type fast so I can go get something to eat. If I’m tired, again, tick-tock tick-tock those pages aren’t going to write themselves while I’m off sleeping. I’ve created a job for myself that has no sick time, no vacation, no lenience from the boss in any form. It’s just write, or die. OK, maybe ‘die’ is a little overboard.

In my free time I still design book covers. I love doing it. It exercises a part of my brain that rarely gets used. I love my boss at StillMomentsPublishing.com. She challenges me and she tells me when things aren’t working and she strokes my ego at the end of every project. I just love my job.

I’m also thinking about my next project which I am calling “Hot Redhead YA”. OK I’m not really calling it that. But I promised BFF that I would write about a redhead, so I am. It’s going to be a young adult paranormal. That’s all I’m saying about that. Wouldn’t want to make Eileen made at me by revealing to much.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend.  Hug your kids. Thank someone for keeping us all safe.  Adopt a pet…or something.  Hell just be good and stay out of trouble.  :)


A note about Eileen added 6/29/2012:

After reading Fifty Shades of Grey, I referred to Eileen as my inner goddess.  That’s not entirely accurate.  Eileen is more like Dexter’s dark passenger.  Look it up :)

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One comment on “her name is Eileen
  1. BFF says:

    Eileen is such a perfect name and you and I know why. You don’t need a professional to tell you that much!

    I am so proud that you are working to stick with the dead line. I can’t wait to be the first to read this! Its loaded and ready to go. This is gonna be fun!!

    If you need any suggestions on how to write Hot Red Head, you just let me know. I am very familiar with the topic!!

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