Ego – the movie

When BFF and I first started this whole writing thing, we couldn’t help but fantasize “who would play INSERT CHARACTER when our book becomes a movie?” It’s not entirely out of the question. Ninety percent of movies started out as books at one time. OK, I made that statistic up. But there is growing trend of movies being made from books. Am I right?

As I was writing EGO, the story would flash through my head in snippets. Since Grace is crazy, this makes sense. During those flashes my characters rarely had faces, but when they did their faces were unique and indescribable. So its hard for me to describe what Grace looks like. BUT if I did have a say in who would play her in a movie (and most authors do not have a say, just so you know), I would choose Beth Riesgraf from Leverage. She’s beautiful, she’s quirky and most importantly she has that tragic look about her that makes you want to protect her. Sheriff Tucker and Deputy Berman are harder since they were sort of a filler in between the madness that was Grace’s mind. Brad Adams I gave alot of thought to, and the closest I could get was Adrian Grenier. He’s very good looking, but I’m not too sure he’s mean enough.

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Happy Friday!

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